Kodiak Kayaking & Kar Kamping

Tyler and I took our kayaks and my van onto the Alaska Marine Highway System's MV Tustumena ship to Kodiak for camping, kayaking and exploring on the Emerald Isle during Memorial Day week.  Of course in May Kodiak isn't emerald yet.  We camped at Ft. Abercrombie our first night, then two nights car camping and kayaking at Pasagshak Bay, then a three day/two night kayak trip out of Anton Larsen Bay to Spruce Island, and then participated in the festivities at the Kodiak Crab Festival before returning to Homer on the MV Kennicott.  We were extremely lucky when we were kayaking with lots of rare sunshine, but the Crab Festival was rainy and cold - typical weather for Kodiak.  Kodiak really is a friendly and adventurous place, and getting there and back on the ships is an adventure in itself.  We will definitely go back!


                             Boarding the Tustumena in Homer.                                                Ft. Abercrombie overlook of Marmot Bay.                                Kodiak Kayaker Kar Kamping



                                            Pasagshak bison herd                                               Surfer Beach.  No, really!  People surf here!                Spouting Right Whale while kayaking Pasagshak Bay



                                         Paddling out of beautiful Anton Larsen Bay                     Tyler enjoying the sunshine at bird rookery ...                   ...  but not so happy about the bird poop.



               St. Herman Russian Orthodox Church, Ouzinkie Native Village                             Spruce Island camp               Kodiak brown bears the last evening.  So we camped on an island far away!



                                        Chain saw art at Crab Festival.  So realistic!              Arm wrestling contest with wild crowd at Tony's Bar.                         Alaskan king crab legs.  Yum!

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