Programs and Activities

  1. To provide an organizational structure to facilitate new and ongoing research on issues related to urban environmental change

    • To provide an organizational identity that will facilitate affiliated scholars to obtain external funding for grants, contracts, or other projects related to urban environmental change.
    • To recruit or invite additional ISU scholars from a variety of disciplines to become affiliated with the Center, and to build an interdisciplinary team of researchers to brainstorm ideas for projects involving urban environmental change, and
    • To provide incentives to faculty members through seed grants for developing proposals and educational materials and outreaching.
  2. To increase contact and conversation among ISU researchers and governmental decision makers, academia, and general public, and to fulfill ISU’s community engagement strategy

    • To invite nationally/internationally recognized speakers to make presentations to the ISU and Terre Haute communities.
    • To publish a series of position/white papers on the issues of urban environmental change in Indiana.
    • With the assistance of our advisory board and affiliated scholars, to create other public forums for disseminating information and/or facilitating discussion regarding urban environmental change, such as brown-bags, discussion groups, etc.
    • To create a series of short training or continuing education lectures.
  3. To support student learning, research, and scholarship

    • To start a brown bag series for interested students, faculty, and local professionals to meet regularly and to discuss studies on urban environmental change.
    • To offer small research grants to undergraduate and graduate students.
    • To create experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students through involvement in faculty research, their own research, and/or community projects