GEO SB-04 Global Urban Supersites Initiative

Urban Supersites OverView


The SB-04 team has selected eight cities as the supersites: Los Angeles, Atlanta, Mexico City, Athens, Istanbul, San Paolo, Beijing, and Hong Kong. Further, the following benefits of the initiative have been identified, including:

  • Identify and exploit synergies of resources in R&D as well as applications and benefits;
  • Expand the impact of SB-04 developments by specifically addressing selected cities and interested user communities;
  • Facilitate joint studies and publications and broaden the knowledge on global urban remote sensing;
  • Enhance interactions among existing the SB-04 contributors and encourage new partners;
  • Optimize the presentation of SB-04's product portfolio to potential stakeholders;
  • Potential synergies between the urban supersites and the geohazard supersites.

Objectives of the Supersites Initiative

  • 1. To provide globally distributed data (EO and derived products) to establish an urban data repository and to develop standards for the specification and validation;
  • 2. To estimate urban extent and associated changes;
  • 3. To assess risks associated with natural disasters, air and water qualities, and health hazards caused by vector and animal-borne diseases;
  • 4. To derive urban biophysical parameters for characterizing urban land surface-atmosphere interactions (e.g., temperature, emissivity, albedo, vegetation cover) and for climate change mitigation and adaptation;
  • 5. To augment and enhance analysis techniques and methods those illustrate the causes and effects of urbanization at local, regional, and global scales.