Senior Lab Personnel

Dr. Jeffery R. Stone

My research explores the response of freshwater diatoms to environmental change, whether driven by climate or anthropogenic forces. I have currently have research projects in North America and East Africa. I typically use stratigraphic lake core studies, 3D lake modeling, and modern ecological information to reconstruct past lake or river settings. My research range from millennial to seasonal in scale, and spans modern environments and throughout the Quaternary.

Dr. Karlyn S. Westover

Karlyn is a freshwater diatomist specializing in statistical methods and alpine settings. She has current research projects in East Africa and Switzerland. She has an adjunct position in the Department of Earth and Environmental Systems, where she periodically teaches classes.

Current Graduate Students

Matthew Brindle (PhD Candidate)

Joined Fall 2012 - Research Topics: Late Holocene climate reconstruction of Cosley and Glenns Lakes, Glacier NP, Montana and the diatom history of Lake Turkana and its relationship climate change through early human history.

Hung Ha Quang (PhD Candidate)

Joined Fall 2017 - Hung's research explores innovative mapping of flood hazards and eutrophication using Geographic Information tools.

Levi Gambill

Joined Fall 2018 - Levi is reconstructing the diatom history of Marl Lake, Wisconsin.

Bethany Kile

Undergraduate Student Researcher Spring 2015 - Spring 2016 (graduated 2016)
Joined Fall 2016 - Bethany was the undergraduate lab assistant for 3 semesters and a SURE participant in the summer of 2015. As an MS student, Bethany's research focuses on the diatom and sediment geochemistry history of Herd Lake, Idaho.

Current Undergraduate Students

Mallory Wilson

Joined Fall 2018 - Mallory is the current lab technician - her research focuses on characterizing Afrocymbella species from East African Lakes.

Alec Maupin

Joined Fall 2018 - Alec's research explores invasive diatom species in the Wabash River using fish gut content analyses.